Are you...

  • tired of being told period pain is normal?

  • over having your symptoms dismissed because your labs came back "normal"?

  • frustrated of going from doctor to doctor, without getting any answers?

  • wanting to learn more about your body and how it works?

  • ready to come off birth control and looking for support?

  • wanting to understand the signs your body is sending and find your root cause?

If you said "yes!", then Fertility Awareness is right for you!

The great thing about Fertility Awareness is that it is adaptable to you and your goals.

Learning fertility awareness is learning a life-long skill.

It will go with you through every phase of your reproductive cycle, from your first period to last!

Trying to conceive? It'll work for you!

Trying to avoid pregnancy? It'll work for you!

I teach the FEMM method of fertility awareness.

This focuses on your reproductive biology to prevent and plan for pregnancy.

You get real-time feedback on your hormone health every day.

FEMM 1-on-1

Your FEMM 1-on-1 class purchase includes:

  • 3 monthly sessions

  • unlimited support from Morganne

  • printable handouts and resources

  • one 30-minute follow-up & chart review

  • A full year of Q&A support

3 easy monthly payments of $87

Pay in full discount: $249

Your 3 sessions

1. Intro to FEMM

You'll learn:

  • cycle charting basics

  • the connection between reproductive and general health

  • how to be an informed participant in your health

  • reproductive anatomy and exactly how your menstrual cycle works!

90 minutes

Includes: practice charting exercises, handouts, time for Q&A

2. Hormone Health

You'll learn:

  • how your hormones change cycle to cycle

  • what your biomarkers say about your hormonal health

  • what normal and abnormal cycles may look like

60 minutes

Includes: practice charting exercises, case studies, handouts, time for Q&A

3. Family Planning

You'll learn:

  • male reproductive anatomy & function

  • how your menstrual cycle changes throughout your life

  • how to plan/avoid pregnancy naturally

60 minutes

Includes: practice charting exercises, case studies, handouts, time for Q&A

FEMM & Coaching Package

You get everything included in the FEMM 1-on-1 class above, plus:

  • personalized guides for speaking to your doctor

  • healthcare navigation & advocacy tips

  • weekly check-ins between sessions

  • learn how to prioritize lifestyle changes without the overwhelm

  • period health guru in your back pocket (think: personalized guidance on diet, supplements, exercise)

  • one additional 30-minute private session

3 easy monthly payments of $175

Pay in full discount: $499

Navigating the healthcare system is hard- you don't have to do it alone! Let me walk with you along the way.

You'll leave this program with the skills you need to advocate for yourself, make informed decisions about your care, and navigate the healthcare system with confidence!