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Are you...

If you said "yes!", then Fertility Awareness is right for you! 

The great thing about Fertility Awareness is that it is adaptable to you and your goals.

Learning fertility awareness is learning a life-long skill.

It will go with you through every phase of your reproductive cycle, from your first period to last!

Trying to conceive? It'll work for you! 

Trying to avoid pregnancy? It'll work for you! 

I teach the FEMM method of fertility awareness. 

This focuses on your reproductive biology to prevent and plan for pregnancy. 

You get real-time feedback on your hormone health every day.

FEMM 1-on-1   

Your FEMM 1-on-1 class purchase includes:


payment plans available

"The fact that you are a nurse and you have Endo really made it easy to make the decision to choose you to work with. I also appreciated the cost of your program. I know that everyone’s time is worth it especially when it comes to specialty situations like this, but it’s expensive enough to get testing and what not, and I thought your pricing was extremely fair for what I received from you. "


Your 3 sessions 

1. Intro to FEMM

You'll learn:

90 minutes

Includes: practice charting exercises, handouts, time for Q&A

2. Hormone Health

You'll learn:

60 minutes

Includes: practice charting exercises, case studies, handouts, time for Q&A

3. Family Planning

You'll learn:

60 minutes

Includes: practice charting exercises, case studies, handouts, time for Q&A

FEMM & Coaching Package 

You get everything included in the FEMM 1-on-1 class above, plus:


payment plans available 

Navigating the healthcare system is hard- you don't have to do it alone! Let me walk with you along the way. 

You'll leave this program with the skills you need to advocate for yourself, make informed decisions about your care, and navigate the healthcare system with confidence!

"Not sure I can choose just one thing, but I’d say my two major take aways were how encouraging and supportive you have been throughout the process. I appreciated your honesty and ability to answer my questions and give me responses I could understand and use. 

I also just love the confidence I’ve gained from the teachings that have helped me really pinpoint what is happening with my body and give me a better understanding of my own body and how it’s working. I know I will just continue to be able to learn more and more about myself and the way I tick and be able to better advocate for myself and others going forward." 


Herbs for the Menstrual Cycle

Join us in this class :

"I completely enjoyed this class. I found it incredibly informative and comprehensive. I felt equipped to practically apply this information to my life to support not just my menstrual cycle but able to start to see how it could be supportive in other parts of my life and the lives of those around me. I have taken other classes on herbs especially around Women's Health and have often left disappointed and underwhelmed. This is exactly what I wanted -- totally packed full of useful information, none of the time seems like filler or fluff it's all the good stuff. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to understand their own menstrual cycle better and how to support it through herbs."