"Growing up, I was taught that you get your period, you get cramps, it hurts, you deal with it, and that's about it. After taking the FEMM course I now realize there is so much more to it.

I am able to recognize different symptoms and feelings not only during my period but also before and after. It helps put things into perspective and gives me a better understanding of what's going on in my body throughout the entire cycle.

Everyone should be taught this method and should be able to fully recognize the different things that are going on in our bodies! It's incredible how just being able to recognize changes can make a difference in daily life!"

G. K.

"Before working with Morganne, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about my cycle. I thought I was destined for heavy and painful periods until menopause.

In three sessions, Morganne taught me so much about learning the FEMM system, identifying my biomarkers, speaking to my doctor, and so much more.

She really goes above and beyond to help her clients. It's like talking to a good friend or your sister. Her knowledge on women's health and her passion to help women and families is clearly evident from the first minute of our conversation."


"Morganne’s classes literally transformed my life.

Since learning to chart my cycle I have learned SO much about my body, my health, my cycle, and more.

I can now interpret what different things my chart is telling me and keep an organized system of my body on a daily basis!

Most importantly, I’ve learned how to empower myself in a doctor’s office setting to stand up for things I feel I need while knowledgeably explaining the WHY!

Thank you Morganne for taking the time to teach me this life-changing skill!"

S. F.